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Leading Mechanical Engineering Company,

Offering Affordable Engineering Services
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About Engineering Research Labs India

ERLI is a leading engineering design firm committed to helping professional firms dealing with Engineering development, R&D and delivering products of exceptional quality and reliability with a wide network of expert designers and innovators.

We are always dedicated to derive the engineering and technical designing solutions and our team knows what it takes to chart out a perfect design From visualizing the initial sketch to preparing the final prototype of a product for manufacturing.

We are always ready to take up any challenging project having complexities that are tough to resolve. We strive to provide the innovative and comprehensive engineering solutions to make the product more reliable in terms of use.

Leading Mechanical Engineering Company, Offering Affordable Engineering Services
How we do the job

One stop solution to all your mechanical Engineering Needs

Metric-driven, High speed machines

Engineering 100%
Communication 100%
Design 100%
Execution 100%

There are multiple reasons why you should consider ERLI for your automation needs –

  • Ground up innovative engineering with technology customized for your specific needs
  • Rapid technology development and deployment after a rigorous design process
  • Collaborative engineering with client teams in the US and India, enabling a 24 hour working day
  • Solid experience building cutting-edge and best-fit solutions that deliver tangible results that matter to you
  • Commitment to quality and Industry 4.0 ready solutions

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