Fueling Research Or Another Publicity Stunt? The Truth Behind Zuckerberg-Funded AI Institute

Harvard University recently launched a new AI institute funded by American philanthropist Priscilla Chan and her husband and Meta founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence stands between the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI). The institute will be focusing on AI and artificial neural networks research, developing theories […]

Leveraging Data Virtualization to Accelerate Machine Learning Initiatives

Google Launches A Tool That Can Scale and Parallelize Neural Networks Today, machine learning is used in all major industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, travel, financial services, and energy. Some of the top machine learning use cases include predictive maintenance and condition monitoring in manufacturing, dynamic pricing in travel, and upselling and cross-channel marketing in retail. In […]

11 Observability Trends for 2022 Every CIO Should Know

DeepMind Now Wants To Study The Behaviour Of Electrons, Launches An AI Tool Data engineering involves the assortment, transformation and ingestion of data in a standard format into a consolidated data warehouse so that Data Scientists/Analysts can use it to generate insights. In an analytics project, only 20% (if not lesser) of the work is […]